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Another WCPHX come and gone

Now that we’ve successfully closed another chapter on Wordcamp Phoenix, I’d like to go on the record to recap what happened and what’s in store for next year. It would be impossible for me to chronicle all of the awesomeness … Continue reading Another WCPHX come and gone

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(Some) presentation slides available!

If a speaker shared his/her presentation slides on Twitter, they should now be visible via the “Presentation slides” link in the corresponding grid on the sessions page. If you have a link that we missed, please let us know about … Continue reading (Some) presentation slides available!

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Session preview: Figuring Out WordPress Constants

by @bastosmichael You’ve probably used WordPress Constants before and may not even know it, if you’ve ever had to edit your wp-config.php file to Upgrade to WordPress Multisite or use a Domain Mapping plugin then you’ve gotten your feet wet … Continue reading Session preview: Figuring Out WordPress Constants

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Class preview: WP 301

You needed a website so you hired out the job to a web design company and they delivered a WordPress site, touting all the benefits of being able to make changes on your own. Well you can, but what they … Continue reading Class preview: WP 301

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Session preview: Navigating the theme landscape

Your theme is your site’s identity—it’s your brand, your design. It’s how you present yourself to the world. Are you happy with your current theme? Do you know how to customize and fix it, or find a better one? Telling … Continue reading Session preview: Navigating the theme landscape

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