2nd Annual WordCamp for Kids

If you want to raise them right, you have to raise them on WordPress.

Does your little blogger need some help to get to that next level? Would you like to introduce your child to the world of computers, website development and blogs? Phoenix WordCamp is here to help with our 2nd annual WordCamp for Kids. This event takes place during the regularly scheduled WordCamp activities on Sunday, Feb. 26.

WordCamp for kids will help newbies get started with their very first WordPress blog. We can also accommodate those who already have a blog but want to take it to the next level. The class is appropriate for children who are able to use a computer keyboard to type. Space is limited and this session will sell out. Each attendee should bring either a laptop or an iPad for use during the session. Parents are invited to stay and help their children during the session.

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Session preview: Figuring Out WordPress Constants

by @bastosmichael

You’ve probably used WordPress Constants before and may not even know it, if you’ve ever had to edit your wp-config.php file to Upgrade to WordPress Multisite or use a Domain Mapping plugin then you’ve gotten your feet wet with constants. We will go over the best way to use constants to Optimize your WordPress Installation as well as help you determine when it’s good to use a Constant or when you should just let a plugin handle what you’re trying to do. We will also cover some of the most useful constants to implement on your site.

Implementing WordPress Constants
Constants are global variables that represent a setting in WordPress which must act the same throughout your Site or Network. Constants can be implemented by adding them to your wp-config.php or functions.php file, always back up your wp-config.php file as well as any other files you may modify. We will cover the good and bad between using a constant in a plugin setting vs hard coding it at the end.

  • Security and Sessions
  • Cache and Optimization
  • Multi-Site Implementations

Understanding WordPress Constants
The upside of using constants is that it reduces your plugin footprint considerably. Only use constants if you really have an idea of what you’re doing and can properly keep track of changes to the Codex. It’s great for optimization of your system, and may very well help you significantly increase speed as well as security.

The downside of using constants is that you should be aware that constants may change with major version upgrades, using a plugin may help better insure that the changes are tracked and updated by the plugin author. There is such a thing as using too many constants, you could cripple your site if you’re not careful.

So I hope you come and enjoy the session and message me on Twitter (@bastosmichael) if you have any information that you want to share and help me make my presentation better.

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Class preview: WP 301

You needed a website so you hired out the job to a web design company and they delivered a WordPress site, touting all the benefits of being able to make changes on your own. Well you can, but what they forgot to mention was the fact that in order to make any design changes to the site, you needed to have a background in computers.

Or what if you are a small business owner and don’t have the budget to hire a web design company? You’ll probably have to add another “hat” to your role and be prepared to get your hands a little dirty in code.

In any case, you’re probably going to stubble across technologies like HTML, CSS and PHP. What do you do? WP 301 is a course that will ground you in the fundamentals of HTML, CSS and PHP basics so you will come equipped with the skills to make changes to code and even create your own masterpieces.

By the end of the class, you will be able to understand the roles that each of these technologies play on your site, make changes to them, and even create your own from scratch.

The only requirement is that you bring your laptop and come ready to learn. I’m your host, Ptah Dunbar and I’ll be looking forward to seeing you on Friday in the WP 301 class at WordCamp PHX 2012.

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Session preview: Navigating the theme landscape

Your theme is your site’s identity—it’s your brand, your design. It’s
how you present yourself to the world. Are you happy with your current
theme? Do you know how to customize and fix it, or find a better one?

Telling a great theme from a just a good one can be a challenge. What
should you look for, and where should you look for themes? What should
you do once with it once you find it? Should you use a free one, make
your own, or hire a pro? Are free themes any good?

Welcome the wild and woolly world of WordPress themes! In this
“Jumpstart” session we’ll tackle these critical questions, and more.
You’ll learn what types of themes are out there, how to find and
install theme, and dive into basic modifications to your theme it so
it fits you perfectly.

We’ll discuss child themes, theme frameworks, and all the WordPress
theme buzz words you need to know, including what all the kids are
talking about these days.

For example, did you know you can judge a great theme by its 404 page?
It’s a great litmus test. Did you know you can test out a theme right
on your live site with no risk, and without your visitors seeing it?

Learn many more tips and tricks in this engaging session.

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Learn about responsive width in WP 401

Have you been hearing about mobile traffic going through the roof? Figure you need to start learning how to manage your own mobile site? Have more questions then answers?

Most people are probably thinking “where do I even start?”. In WP-401 you will learn about the basics of mobile sites, CSS3, mobile site building tools, QR Codes and responsive width. We are leaving lots of time for Q&A as well as some live development. We expect in 401 there will be a lot of interaction and maybe you have some knowledge to bring and share with the class about mobile? See you there!

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