Wordcamp Phoenix 2012 is SOLD OUT!

Wordcamp Phoenix 2012 is sold out. That’s right folks, we’re sorry to be the bearers of bad news but the window of time for official event pre-registration has passed. Fortunately for all of you who have tickets, you’ll be enjoying 3 days of amazing WordPress content and good times in beautiful, sunny Chandler, AZ while the rest of the world is locked sadly outside.

What to do

If you weren’t lucky enough to grab one of our pre-registration tickets before they ran out, you might consider volunteering for Wordcamp. Perks include free entrance to the event, a coveted Wordcamp hoodie, VIP access at the afterparty and the knowledge that you’re helping make one of the greatest tech events of the year a reality.

You might also try your hand at our “walk up” registration option. You won’t get a t-shirt or a lunch, but we will be offering a LIMITED NUMBER of “day-of” registration tickets on-site at a price of $35 each.

For the general public, there are also a few spots remaining in our free Friday WP 101 class which we encourage you to grab.

Other options..

If this announcement is too much to bear for some of you, you might try listening on Twitter to see if anyone has a ticket they’re willing to sell. We sincerely want to see you there and would rather not have any limit on tickets but unfortunately it’s just the way things work.

Thanks to all of you who have purchased tickets. We couldn’t be more excited to see you!

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Hotel Deal Extended to Feb. 17!

Sometimes you miss the boat.

But sometimes, the boat comes back!

The Crowne Plaza San Marcos Golf Resort has graciously offered to extend our amazing discount on rooms until Feb 17. Since the after party is going to be pretty much amazing, we encourage you to take advantage of this special $100 DISCOUNT and book a room, even if you live in the Phoenix area.

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Speaker Preview: Robert Rowley

Robert Rowley is the Web Application and Security administrator at DreamHost.com, a shared and virtual hosting provider for approximately over one million websites and hundreds of thousands of customers. DreamHost provides the unique environment which requires providing increased security for an extremely broad range of websites and customers, all without being intrusive to their hosting experience.

What you can expect in his class, in his own words…

Your site is great! You’ve put a lot of time in writing great content and creating an awesome design. Everyone comments about how much you are helping them or how great your product Widget X is. Life is good. Suddenly, your site is getting tagged as malicious, visitors are being redirected to sites selling little blue and pink pills, your traffic goes away, and all that hard work you put into your site has been lost.

I see the above situation every day and I want to help. Why? Because I really think your site is great.

Attackers want your site; they want it bad. They don’t care about your design, product and content though — they want it because there is big money in stealing site traffic for other malicious purposes. Your hard work doesn’t deserve to be lost due to one bad incident. The Security 101 presentation will go over as much as possible to equip every WordPress site owner, designer and/or developer with the skill sets and knowledge to prevent hackers from succeeding, and if they ever do, to give you the ability to quickly get back on your feet and get your awesome site back to being awesome!

Want to hear more from Robert?

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Pre-Registration Perks End Feb. 17!

We’re less than 3 weeks away from Phoenix WordCamp 2012 and we have fewer than 100 tickets left! Did you get yours yet? Do you know someone who’s been procrastinating? The time to register is now!

Even if the event doesn’t sell out, pre-registration will end on Friday, Feb.17, a week prior to the event. We will allow a limited number of walk-in registrations on event day, but trust us when we say there are definite advantages to early registration:

– Official Phoenix WordCamp 2012 T-shirt
– Personalized QR code on your nametag
– Lunch

No shirt? No lunch? No QR? Yeah, we wouldn’t want to miss the deadline either.

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Custom Vinyl Banners a Success for Phoenix WordCamp 2012

The planning committee spent countless hours in late 2011 and early 2012 planning every last detail for WordCamp Phoenix 2012. Suffice it to say, we wanted every one of those details to be perfect after all that hard work.

We have to say, we were more than pleased with the official WordCamp banners, created by AllState Banners. The company promises to “get your message across,” and they delivered on that guarantee with our custom printed vinyl banners:

If you need a high-quality custom banner for a sporting event, trade show, grand opening or any other important event, check out the company’s custom vinyl banner quote page to get the ball rolling.

Kudos to AllState Banners for contributing to a successful event!

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