WP Engine Hosting Giveaway!

For WordCamp Phoenix attendees, WP Engine is offering their most popular hosting plan, typically $29 per month, free for life! You heard that right, WP Engine is giving ALL WordCamp Phoenix attendees FREE HOSTING FOR LIFE!

Hosting includes:

  • 1 Standard WordPress Installation
  • 15 GB Bandwidth
  • 25,000 visits/mo
  • 5 GB Disk Storage
  • Off-Site Automated Backups
  • One-click restore to any previous backup
  • One-Click Staging Area
  • Managed Upgrades
  • The best WordPress support on the planet

Excited? Sign up here: http://bit.ly/wpe-for-phx

Questions? E-mail howdy@wpengine.com

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. This has got to be a gimmick. Why are you doing this?
    • Well, it’s not, really; but we do hope you love us and that you’ll tell your friends about us. If you don’t love us, we’re hoping you’ll tell us how we can improve.

  2. I don’t know which domain I want to use with my free account. Can I change it later?
    • We don’t actually sell or register domain names at this time, so changing your domain is a simple configuration change which you can do at any time. If you need to buy a domain name we recommend www.namecheap.com

  3. What does “account name” or “site name” mean?
    • We’ll create a account.wpengine.com subdomain that let’s you access your site immediately, and we use the account name internally to help support you. It just has to be unique, between 3 and 14 characters, and cannot have a numeric digit as the first character in the name.

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3 Responses to WP Engine Hosting Giveaway!

  1. John Persico says:

    Hi, I have a website in wordpress.org. Does this offer apply to .org as well as .com wordpress sites? My site is hosted by RNO1 and Tfafton said the migration would cost 300 dollars. My site hosting is now 50 dollars per month. Not sure what my advantage would be for changing and what support your company could provide in the long run. RNO1 is not cheap for support but they are responsive. My site is presently at http://www.ebooks4business.com

    I can be reached at 612-310-3803 or by email to discuss further.

  2. 5 GB Disk Storage, need more =)

  3. Brad says:

    I tested one of these offers and ended up moving every site I manage to WPEngine. It’s not inexpensive but it is well worth it. Superfast!!!!